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As a highly experienced, Best Drama BAFTA winning Film & TV Director and Writer,  I understand, and will teach you, the internal magic that generates spell binding screen acting performances, so that you succeed at screen auditions.

David Skynner - Film & TV Director & Writer

Making Progress is Easier When You Understand What is Really Required

I teach you things you thought you knew


Nothing Should be What it Seems


Screen Acting Should be  Invisible


Dance Through the Story

Your Success Begins Here

I share with actors everything I know about screen acting, directing and where relevant, screen writing. You will learn how a director thinks, what a director is really looking for from an actor and how you can deliver that.

Over the last few years as a screen acting tutor, I have achieved some real success, devising a means of bringing actors to a solid understanding of what screen acting is, how to approach it and what is required to make their performances vital and affecting.

This has expanded into a comprehensive mentoring, which over a period of months, with weekly tasks and feedback will fully enable aspirant screen actors to pursue their dreams with a whole new level of understanding and confidence.

Who Am I?

I have been directing for 30 years and in that time have made over 100 hours of high end TV drama, comedy, thrillers and also documentary series. I made commercials for a few years, have produced many business films and even popped out the odd pop promo.  More recently I have been developing a range of original films with budgets between the negligible and £10 million pounds.

I am an experienced writer, with commissions for TV and film, a couple of novels completed and a third on the way.

Over the years I have worked with a good number of highly recognised actors, including Matthew Macfadyen, Joanna Lumley and John Hannah.

I started very successfully teaching screen acting to drama degree students a few years ago and that has now led me to develop and offer a more comprehensive training than is possible in that setting.

I’m not aware of anyone else with my depth of experience who is doing this.

Below is a short sample reel of some of my past work.  Further examples are available on my personal site.


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