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Mentoring will bring the full and considerable gamut of my knowledge and experience as a writer and director to the training and development of client actors screen acting skills.

Over a period of around three plus months I will work with actors using a blend of recorded lectures to establish working principles, screen acting exercises to develop precise understanding, and regular and comprehensive personal feedback to hone skills.

I will also be available to advise and consult on the best approaches to opportunities that may arise, including auditions and self tapes.

There will also be an ongoing element of career progression planning.

It is our intention, that as the number of skilled graduates increases, there will come a time when it makes sense that we establish an agency that represents our graduates to casting directors and productions seeking talented screen actors.

This is not the case as yet, but we are conscious of this possibility and  will explore how best to bring it into being as soon as is practicable.

Watch this space!





OoDl Studios will be the production arm of  The acronym stands for ‘Out of Darkness Light’.

It is intended that this studio will produce work, featuring our graduates wherever possible.

OoDL is conceived as what is known as a vertically integrated business; meaning it will ultimately fund, produce and also sell its media productions, while employing a family of actors and behind the camera creatives on rolling productions in a kind of film repertory company.

There are two productions, currently in their development stages, that will test the model of how this may work, and by late 2024, we hope to be going into production on our first full project.

My Approach

My approach  brings together decades of professional experience, writing, producing and directing film and TV productions.  The masterclass linked on the right, outlines  what I teach, my methods and how and why it is effective.  It centres on the proposition that the actor is the avatar for the audience, and via the actors deeply felt performance, the audience empathically accesses and feels the story.

The actor and their performance therefore is absolutely vital to the the success of any production, and explains why casting the right, the capable, the highly skilled actor is any directors first priority.

How It Works?

Schedule a Free 1:1

I am available during the week to discuss your current situation, hopes and friustrations.  Please schedule a FREE discovery call using the link below and we can explore the ways in which I might be able to help.

Choose a Coaching Plan

I offer a growing range of options to suit every budget.  From a minimum one hour self tape consultation up to a full screen acting mentoring and career development service over many months.

You can explore the options on my services page.

Reach Your Goals

It is my intention to put all my any skills at your service, to help you grow and succeed as a screen actor.

Success Stories

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