Screen Acting Mentor


I’m David Skynner

I am, and always have been, an actors director.  

I like actors and admire what they do and after decades of directing, writing screenplays, and working with actors, I have a truly granular and comprehensive understanding of the filmic storytelling process, film and TV production, what is really required from an actor and crucially, exactly how to get that.  

So, I can genuinely open your eyes to what is required in a way very few others can.”

My Approach


Reading a script is very easy and incredibly hard. What is hidden behind the lines requires insight and analysis to find. Remember that a script is a distillation of human truth and should be as complex as human behaviour. To work, nothing should ever be what it seems, and so reading deeply between the lines is an essential skill.


Screen Acting should be flawless, invisible, it should look like real life. It is not the same as stage acting. Screen Acting is an actor playing the emotional score of a scene in their head and letting their body dance along to it. In principle it’s simple, but hard in practice and as limitless as human possibility. It should perhaps be called, thought acting.


In performance, all the knowledge that has been developed in rehearsal and analysis, becomes distilled and expressed through the essence of the actor. You must know who you are, why you act and from what you speak. It should be alive in you as you carry us through the story. When who you are dances in time with the story, magic happens.

How Do I Know if  Mentoring is Right for Me?

If you are confident that you have reasonable skills, but are not getting the results you think you should be, then professional and informed assistance could well be a way forward.

The most common reason that actors don’t succeed when auditioning, is because their screen acting skills don’t convince.  This can have many causes and I address all of them in my coaching.

I am a one stop shop and am confident that if you have a reasonable understanding and basis for your practice, then I can significantly enhance that.


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